Dr Dennis Willows – How Animals Orient Themselves with the Earth’s Magnetic Field

Join the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on February 19 when Dr Dennis Willows will speak about How Animals Orient Themselves with the Earth’s Magnetic Field.

Dennis Willows has spent his life researching how nerves, acting in groups, lead to specific behaviors. Today, his research has ‘advanced’ from studies of escape behavior in marine nudibranchs to how nerve nets can help us weed out the extraneous and focus on ‘high-value’ sensory inputs.

After getting a Yale University degree in Physics, and a PhD in Neuroscience at University of Oregon, Dennis focused his research lab on how brain cells interconnect and communicate chemically, to generate coherent patterns of electrical/chemical activity that drive behavior.

After a stint as Director of the Neurobiology Program at U.S. National Science Foundation in Washington DC, and later as National Institutes of Health-Jacob Javits Scholar, he gained a sense of the roles of the federal government in support of research in the United States. He has been awarded a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, a William Hoar Lectureship (University of British Columbia), and is a University of Oregon Distinguished Alumnus.

Dennis has written over 100 scientific publications and several books on nervous system processes underlying learning. He SCUBA dove under the Antarctic ice at McMurdo Station and enjoys flying, music, and volunteer time as skipper of the University of Washington research vessel RV Centennial. He was Professor and Chair of Biology University of Washington and Director of Friday Harbor Laboratories from 1972-2005.

February 19 at 10:30 am at the Mullis Center

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