Dave Zeretzke will speak about “Microbes—How the Science of Microbes Is Changing our Worldview”

The world of microbes is a hot topic these days.   New scientific research is showing that our relationship with bacteria, viruses, fungi and “germs” is more complicated than we had ever imagined.  New thought points toward the beneficial rewards of our bodies and soil teeming with microbes.  Dave Zeretzke will share his learnings from 3 recent books about the biome of the human gut for health and disease control and the biome of the soil for healthy sustainable gardening.  As usual we will have a discussion of these topics with our service.

Sunday March 12 at 10:30 at the Mullis Center.

We are a community of free-thinking progressives.  All our welcome.

 Dave created a document citing several of the books he consulted for his talk.  Click below to read.

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